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Phil Cuttino jr.



PHIL S. CUTTINO JR. (aka X-clusive.!) is a Philadelphia native hip hopper, who was instilled  at birth with breakin’, graffiti, DJ-ing, and rapping. He first performed on stage at age four with his father, a prominent MC and b-boy in the Philadelphia hip hop scene.  He started in a crew called the X-men,performing in local talent shows and learning from some of Philadelphia's greats. Studying art through out high school he attended Art Institute Of Philadelphia for a B/A in Fashion Design & Marketing. He as been consistant in building a reputation for the brand and striving to see it succeed! now a professional dancer in the hip hop community, Cuttino is living out his dreams helping others live theirs. He is touring throughout the U.S. as well as internationally in pursuit of motivation, inspiration and stories to tell.





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